Emotional Intelligence Foundation Course

8 Week Foundation Course

EQ Tutor Foundation Course

We all have emotions but none of us are born knowing what our emotions are, where they come from and how to deal with them.

Developing Emotional Intelligence gives you the ability to understand, regulate and validate your emotions, and the language to express it. As emotions are our main source of communication, teaching these skills to a child from a young age, gives them these skills for life.

In this 8-week course, you will learn how to develop emotional intelligence and gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour. You will also gain an understanding of what makes each of us unique – our different personalities, temperaments and love languages.

With this course, you will be able to teach children from 3 years old and upwards

Research has shown that 50% of our ability to learn is developed by the age of 4 and another 30% by the age of 8. This is why we believe that developing a child's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) during their early years will give them the life skills to understand themselves and give them the tools to deal with whatever comes their way.

In this course you will learn:

How to help a child to

  • become self-aware
  • to identify, label and express their emotions
  • to develop compassion and empathy for others
  • to be assertive
  • to communicate better


  • to deal with stress, anxiety, fear, anger and worry
  • to focus
  • to relax
  • to improve sleep
  • to deal with social challenges
  • to be more mindful
  • to make friends easier
  • to build their confidence, self-esteem, self-value and self-worth

When children are equipped to deal with their own uncomfortable feelings as and when they happen, they are able to get on with their lives quickly and easily which means more fun, more focus at school and better connections with others.

Happier child, happier life.


Emotional Intelligence Foundation Course

8 Week Foundation Course

Your Instructor

Deborah McPhilemy
Deborah McPhilemy

Award Winning Author & Speaker
Master Trainer specialising in Emotional Intelligence since 2003.
Personal Development Trainer, Coach and Family Counsellor since 1998.

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