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The Bears of Blueberry Forest and Friends EQ Series for Kids 3 - 7+

The bears help children to understand and cope with their emotions while teaching them essential social skills. The fun-filled adventures of Abby, Cody, Michael, Wilson, Adam and Molly, and their friends, help children to navigate their way through the normal ups and downs of life. Children learn to develop their confidence, to feel happy and good about themselves, to understand differences, to develop empathy and much more. Each book contains extra little life lessons with skills and tools to help your child to deal with anything that may come their way, including adversity like bullying.

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Deborah McPhilemy
Deborah McPhilemy
  • Award Winning Author:- The Relationship Magnet, Emotional Intelligence in a Nutshell for Parents and Teachers, The Bears of Blueberry Forest EQ books for Children.
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  • Master EQ Trainer
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